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Home Plus Caregivers provides loving care and daily living assistance to individuals in their own home. We provide in home care and companionship to the Elderly, Seniors and others with physical disabilities and challenges. Our services are available around-the-clock for temporary assistance, weekly visits as well as recovery from illness or surgery. As a small business we guarantee you the services and benefits of a large company.

Dear Nellie,
Thank you for the lovely dinner. That was so kind and thoughtful of you. Thank you, thank you!! I’m going to be putting your brochure “out there”. Please come visit again, we appreciate you and thank you for everything.
Dear Nellie,
Wes and I want to thank you profoundly for all your wonderful concern and care during his recovery from surgeries. You were so thoughtful and generous with your time and efforts, your abundant and nourishing cooking, and your useful equipment – all too much for me to mention. Thank you for getting us through a very tough period and your heartwarming contribution to our wellbeing.
Dianne and Wes
March 19, 2014
To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this letter on behalf of Ms. Nellie Cortez of Home Plus Caregivers. Nellie has known our family for many years and helped take care of my grandmother, my great aunt, and my uncle.My grandmother was a hero in my eyes and I wanted her to receive the best care possible. Ms. Cortez Confidently gave her this kind of care. Her kindness and compassion put me, and my family at ease in dealing with the declining health issues ... Read More
I have known Nellie Cortez, owner of Home Plus Caregivers for at least
twelve years. During that time she has cared for my mother (When I first met her),
my aunt, as well as my brother. Her care, attention, and love for her patients have
always been first rate. My mother (Who passed at 98 years old, never saw a hospital
bed until the night she expired) would agree with my assessment completely as
would my aunt who recently passed at 103 years of age. ... Read More
Personal and compassionate caregiving is synonymous with Nellie Cortez, the owner and manager of Home-plus Caregivers. Nellie and the caregivers of her Home-plus Agency made the last phase of my mother’s life, from age 94 to 97, as good as one can hope for it to get. My mother had 24/7 one-on-one caregiving and Nellie painstakingly trained her caregivers in how to administer to my mother’s special needs. If a caregiver had to be changed Nellie personally stood in until an appropriate replacement was found. Nellie’s nursing background also made ... Read More

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